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Blockchain technology has recently made it possible for artists to bypass existing music industry structures and engage with fans more directly. We believe that music is valuable, so we curate and mint beautiful digital collectibles that you can purchase to support DJs, producers, labels, and other creators. Think of them as The Next Format™ after vinyl records, CDs, and regular downloads.

RCRDSHP collectibles are certified digital NFTs, and there are many different kinds of them.

A release collectible will always include playable music. Artist or label collectibles, which are designed to tell their creators’ unique stories, may include tracks or mixes as well. Collectibles can also include video content, production tutorials, or in-real-life perks—really anything the creator chooses!

Pro tip: a lot of this content is RCRDSHP exclusive.

  • Buy specific collectibles from other players on the marketplace.
  • Open packs that you buy from pack drops—before they sell out!
  • Make friends in the community; they might be up for a gift swap! 🎁
Packs are mystery boxes which contain multiple RCRDSHP collectibles. You won't know exactly what's inside a pack until you open it, and it might contain super rare collectibles! You can also buy and sell packs on the marketplace, but only if they haven't been opened yet. A drop (also known as a "pack drop") is a limited-time event where you can buy the latest packs directly from RCRDSHP. Might want to hurry—once a drop sells out, it's gone. You might still find a pack for sale on the marketplace. Whenever you buy collectibles on RCRDSHP, the artists who made those collectibles get a cut. And that's not just for the first sale. Every time those collectibles are traded on the marketplace, artists get a cut of the sale. If you buy a collectible from a creator who keeps building their platform in this emerging web3 space, it might be worth more later. You could choose to resell it on our marketplace, and thanks to smart contracts the creator will earn a cut. Talk about a win-win!
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A RCRDSHP artist card and track card.


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