Fragma 'Toca' Collector Rewards

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the classic 'Toca' album by Fragma drops as a deluxe limited-edition album exclusively on RCRDSHP. Through three 'Edition' pack drops (named after the three members of Fragma: Damae, Ramon Zenker & Duderstadt) collectors can complete the full album, unlock free reward collectibles and the chance to win of the 20 signed vinyls of this classic album.



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Reward #3: Toca Me Reconstructed Moment Card.
How To Earn: Purchase and open at least one Ramon Zenker Edition pack or hold all the cards from the pack.
Drop Date: December 1st, 12pm GMT
Pre-sale starts: November 11th, 12pm GMT (Hold the free 'Fragma' NFT to get exclusive access)
Mint count: 100

Ramon Zenker (Artist Card)
Fragma - Magic (Release Card)
Fragma - Move On (Release Card)
Fragma - Toca Me (Ramon Zenker Remix) (Release Card)
Fragma - Do You Really Want To Feel It? (Ramon Zenker Remix) Release Card)

Step 4

Fine Print

For a collectible to be considered as “in your collection”, your collectibles cannot be listed for sale or shared as a gift when the timer runs out.

For each Edition pack you buy, there is one Moment Card as reward collectible. Buying one copy of all 3 Edition packs serves as one entry into the raffle. (e.g. buying 2 copies of all 3 Edition packs = 2 entries)

The reward collectibles will be airdropped on the following dates:

December 1st
December 8th
December 15th
December 19th

  • Fragma is responsible for delivery of non-NFT rewards. The shipping costs for the Vinyl Reward are included. However, potential custom / local tolls are subject to customer. By participating in this challenge, you agree that your email address will be shared with the artist for reward distribution.*


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