Basserk: Beer Raffle

As part of BBB3, Basserk made some Beer, and blasted with their catalogue for 72hrs during the fermentation process, and they created a card that relates to one of those real life bottles of beer. The beer is stored at Basserk HQ in Amsterdam for the owner, who can come and collect it, or burn the card and Basserk will drink it.



Step 1

The Reward: Bleeps, Beats & Bass Beer (Merch Card) and a bottle of beer for you or for Basserk
Hold release and label collectibles from the Basserk Storefront (see Step 4) in your collection when the timer runs out.

Step 2
Step 3

What you can do with the Merch Card: 15 bottles of beer are stored at Basserk HQ in Amsterdam for the owners of the collectibles. By owning the Merch card, you can come and collect the bottle of beer, or you can burn the card and Basserk will drink it!

Fine Print

For a collectible to be considered as “in your collection”, your collectibles cannot be listed for sale or shared as a gift when the timer runs out.

To claim the bottle of beer for yourself, you must be legal drinking age in Amsterdam (18).

Basserk is responsible for delivery of non-NFT rewards. By participating in this challenge, you agree that your email address will be shared with the artist for reward distribution.


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