Star Wars: Revenge of the Cards II

One more go! Complete any of the three mixing recipes to earn a limited edition rare Obie Fernandez "Star Wars EP" full of awesome music.


Step 1

Start your mix by adding a DJ Mixer to your hand to enable mixing. Make sure you also have at least 1 coin in your account to attempt a mix.

Step 2

Use one of the three mixing recipes in the “fine print” section of this challenge to complete your mix. For this relaunch of the challenge, you can only complete the mix once and players that already have made one of the mix rewards can't make another.

Step 3

That’s it! Once you’ve successfully completed one of the mixes you’ll receive the rare reward! Be quick, only 25 will be available!

Fine Print

Complete this challenge to earn a rare Star Wars EP card.

Once a mix has been completed you cannot mix an additional reward.

If you've completed the mix in the previous edition of this challenge you cannot complete this mix again.

25 additional rare Star Wars EPs have been minted. 50 have been minted in total.

Serials will be assigned to winners at random. Serials 26-50 will be available for this second round.

Completing this challenge gives you one entry towards winning the Grand Prize random drawing for the legendary Obie Fernandez card.

All mixes will burn the ingredient cards except for Mix 3. The rare Astronaut card will not be burned in this mix.

Mixing Recipes
Mix 1:
Across The Galaxy
Rebel Anthem
Be With Me
Jimmy Chou
Black XS
Amos & Riot Night

Mix 2:
Star Wars EP
Jimmy Chou
Black XS
Amos & Riot Night

Mix 3:
Astronaut (won’t be burned)
Star Wars EP


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