Federation Top Buyer Reward: Pub Lunch with Federation

Fancy a pub lunch on Federation? Rich, Ben, and Dave want to get to know their biggest supporter and thank them with some time to sit down and connect.


Step 1
Step 2

The Player who purchases the most packs will win the Grand Prize: a Pub Lunch with Federation. If you can't attend the lunch in person, a virtual lunch will be scheduled.

Fine Print

Packs must be purchased in the primary drop, not in the marketplace.

The reward only includes a paid lunch and meeting and does not include travel or accommodation.

The Reward
The Player who buys the most packs will be contacted to set up a pub lunch (or virtual lunch) with Federation.

If two Players tie, the player with the highest dollar spend on Federation collectibles will receive the reward.

Federation is responsible for delivery of rewards. By participating in this challenge, you agree that your email address will be shared with them for reward distribution.


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