Berlin Challenge: part II - Mythical Experience

Earn our first Mythical card and an expenses-paid exclusive party experience in Berlin! 99 Runners-up will earn the next "Dance Music Capitals" card: Los Angeles.


Step 1

Get ready to burn! The Grand Prize will be awarded to the player holding a Contest Eligibility card in their “hand” and the highest coin balance on their account at the time of contest closure. Players with the next 99 highest Coin Balances and a Contest Eligibility card in hand at the time of Contest closure will receive the Runner-up Prize.

Step 2

To be eligible you must hold a Contest Eligibility card in your hand, either 1) the rare Berlin card, or 2) the Fashionably Late card. Fashionably Late holders will incur a 100-Coin penalty to their contest score.

Step 3

The contest closes at 2 PM ET on Wednesday 12/01/21 when we will take a snapshot of the challenge leaderboard and verify participation in order to determine who will win the Grand and Runner-up Prizes. Prize winners will will be officially announced within 48 hours.

Need Help?

Learn all about the new burning feature here so you can join the challenge.
Don't forget that you also need either the Berlin card or the Fashionably Late card in your hand to participate.

Fine Print

The Grand Prize Reward

A RCRDSHP one-of-one (aka “Mythical” rarity level) 1000-coin face value collectible card redeemable for a “Headline Artist Experience” in Berlin.

What’s a “Headline Artist Experience”?

Full artist access and treatment for two people! Flights, Transportation, Backstage, Greenroom, the works. This will be an unparalleled one-of-a-kind Berlin nightlife experience for the winner.

What if I win but can't go to Berlin?

As a result of being itself a collectible, the Mythical card can be sold in our secondary marketplace. Just note that to secure the in-real-life reward experience, the cardholder must confirm details with RCRDSHP by emailing [email protected] no later than December 15, 2021 by 2pm ET. The card will be updated to reflect that is has been redeemed by its owner.

Runner-Up Rewards

The remaining top 99 players on the challenge leaderboard will receive low serial number rare cards for the next Dance Capital: Los Angeles (this card will have it's own challenge as well at a later date). We will use the Contest Eligibility card serial number to break ties in the ranking.

Reading The Leaderboard

In the interest of transparency for the contest, this leaderboard shows all users' RAW coin balance regardless of if they have the qualifying cards in their hand or not and it does not include the 100 coin penalty for those using the Fashionably Late card instead of the Berlin card. Being on the leaderboard does NOT necessarily qualify you for the challenge and you must also meet all of the requirements outlined on the challenge page.

A Note Rising Covid Concerns
If for any reason the Contest is not capable of being conducted as described in these Official Rules, including because of any COVID-19-related reasons, Sponsor shall have the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Contest. In any such event, Sponsor reserves the right to substitute the Grand Prize or any Grand Prize components.

Contest Terms & Conditions

Do not repeat
In order