Random Acts of Kindness - BPM Challenge

In celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Day, we invite you to show some love to your fellow RCRDSHP community members. Select a collectible in your collection that you’d love to share with someone else and receive one in return. Follow the steps below to participate.


Step 1

Fill out this Google form to indicate which collectible from your collection you’d like to gift to another RCRDSHP fan including an explanation of what you love about this collectible. The person who receives your gift will see your name and explanation that will be made available!

Step 2

The collectible you’ve identified you’d like to gift to another individual will be removed from your collection and into a RCRDSHP holding account.

Step 3

(OPTIONAL): Send a Tweet! Tell us what makes this collectible special to you to be featured on RCRDSHP’s account! Tweet @RCRDSHP a visual of the collectible you are gifting using hashtags #RandomActsofKindnessDay #musicNFTs. Example Tweet provided below, but don't forget to personalize yours! Tweet1

Step 4

(OPTIONAL): Attend the Twitch show on Feb 17 at 4PM ET for a live White Elephant Exchange where up to 10 users will be invited to open their collectibles live and steal from each other. Attendance is not mandatory to receive your gifted collectible.

Step 5

RCRDSHP Community Team will share the gifting outcomes on a Google Spreadsheet. Collectibles will be gifted manually and will be received by each participant by Feb 22.

Fine Print

The Reward

Only one collectible will be gifted per participant.
All who complete the steps will be randomly gifted another RCRDSHP user’s collectible.
Please allow until Feb 22 to receive the collectible you are being gifted.

You may not gift
  • Packs
  • Stress Test Collectibles

For your security, the Google Account used to fill out this form must match your RCRDSHP Email Address.
If you do not have a Google account, please email [email protected] with all of the details in the form from the email address that matches your RCRDSHP account to submit a request.
Subject: RCRDSHP Random Acts of Kindness Request
- URL of collectible:
- Why do you want to gift this collectible? What do you love about it and hope the next Fan enjoys?
- Would you be interested and available to join the White Elephant Exchange on Twitch on Feb 17 at 1 p.m. PST | 4 p.m. EST | 9 p.m. GMT?


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