Disco Fries Total Domination Challenge

Ready to show off your fandom with a Metal print of your Disco Fries Collection? Dominate by completing all the challenges and completing all the mixes


Step 1

Participate in all of the Disco Fries challenges related to the drop:
- Both Collection Challenges
- Promoter Challenge
- All Mixing Recipes (released on May 6)
- Massing Challenge (released on May 13)
- Burning Challenge (released on May 13)

Step 2

Attend the FRiEDFAM Virtual event on (DATE TBA) and receive the You Were Here collectible.
Note - you must purchase at least 1 pack to get the invite.

Step 3

That’s it! By participating in everything, you earn a special IRL (In Real Life) reward.

Fine Print

The Reward
Metal print of one item or a collage of items in your collection, signed by The Disco Fries and shipped to you.

You must participate in all the challenges and events listed.
- For the massing challenge, there are only 15 possible winners and you must be one of the 15.

The Disco Fries are responsible for delivery of rewards. By participating in this challenge, you agree that your email address will be shared with The Disco Fries for reward distribution.


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