Solarstone ASOT1000 Utrecht Challenge

Collect one full Solarstone set for a chance to win a 1-of-1 Mythical Card that entitles you and a friend to be Solarstone’s Tour Manager for ASOT 1000 Utrecht! 20 Legendary winners will get a Legendary Solarstone collectible that enables lifetime guestlist to Solarstone shows anywhere! Also, all contest participants will receive a Rare card featuring an exclusive 60 minute mix by Solarstone.


Step 1

Collect at least one Solarstone set (all 14 collectibles).

Step 2

Ensure that all collectibles you want counted are in your collection (not listed for sale) on December 6th, 2021 at 2PM ET when the challenge ends. IMPORTANT: Collectibles that you have listed on the Marketplace will not be considered to be in your collection.

Step 3

You MUST keep the collectibles you want to be counted in your collection until two hours after the challenge ends while we finalize account snapshots and verify that you are holding all the required collectibles.

Step 4

The serial number of the Solarstone Artist card in your collection will act as a tiebreaker if necessary.

Step 5

Reading The Leaderboard The "High Average" & "Low Average" leaderboards will show your placing in the competition for the Legendary Solarstone Guestlist cards. There are two contests at play here and the top 10 from each leaderboard will be the winners (20 total). IMPORTANT Users cannot qualify for both contests. If there are users that qualify in both their result on the "High Average" leaderboard will be accepted first and they will be removed from the final rankings in "Lowest Average".

Step 6

The winners will be announced or notified by December 8th, 2021 at 2PM ET.

Fine Print

The Grand Prize

The grand prize winner will receive a one-of-one (“Mythical” rarity level) 1000-coin face value collectible card redeemable for a “Solarstone Tour Manager Experience” at ASOT 1000 Utrecht February 19, 2022. The Grand Prize winner will be determined by random selection from the set of all contest entrants.

What’s the “Solarstone Tour Manager Experience”?

You and a guest will get to experience AAA (all-area-access) at ASOT 1000 Utrecht as part of Solarstone’s Entourage for the event. Round-trip travel and accommodation in the Dutch city of Utrecht are included.

What if I win but can't go to Utrecht?

As a result of being itself a collectible, the Mythical Card can also be traded in our secondary marketplace. Note that to secure the in-real-life reward experience the cardholder must confirm the details with RCRDSHP by emailing [email protected] before January 28, 2022 at 2pm ET. The card itself will be updated to reflect its redemption status once used to claim the prize.

REVISED - The Serial Challenge / Legendary Prizes

The collections of the Set holders at the challenge close will be evaluated for the average of all card serial numbers that are part of the Set. The top 10 highest average serial number entrants and bottom 10 lowest average serial number entrants will be chosen as winners. For the purpose of determining highest serial numbers, card serial numbers below 111 will be counted towards Set completion but excluded from the calculation of the average. Also, the same user can NOT win this Legendary reward twice.

Rare Reward: All contest entrants will be air dropped a Rare Solarstone collectible worth 100 coins featuring never before released content from Solarstone.

The 14 Solarstone cards needed to complete the set

Frontier Pt. 2
Heal My Broken Heart
Pale Blue Dot (Expanded)
Restless 4 a.m.
Solarstone Gold
Solarstone presents Ganzfeld
Summer Fills The Sky
Take Me On Your Flight
When I Dream

Contest Terms & Conditions


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