Iboga & Friends Grand Prize

Win an exclusive rare mix and an Iboga t-shirt by completing the Iboga & Friends Challenges throughout the week.


Step 1

Complete at least 2 Iboga & Friends challenges to earn a rare 3000Grad exclusive mix.

Step 2

Complete all 3 Iboga & Friends challenges to earn lower serials of the 3000Grad exclusive mix and for the best chances to win the drawing for the Iboga T-Shirt.

Step 3

That’s it! The more challenges you complete the better your chances.

Fine Print

Completing each challenge gives you one entry towards winning the Grand Prize: one of twenty (20) Iboga T-Shirts and a Rare 3000Grad Exclusive Mix collectible.

Challenges to complete:
- Iboga & Friends Selfie Challenge
- Iboga & Friends Artist Showcase
- Iboga & Friends Sofa Beats

The Rare 3000Grad Exclusive Mix will be airdropped to all those who complete at least 2 of the Iboga & Friends Challenges. The lowest serials will go to those who complete all three challenges.

The drawing for T-Shirts will be a ranked drawing:
- If more than 20 Players complete all three challenges, the random drawing will be for those who completed all three challenges.
- If less than 20 Players complete all three challenges, they will all receive a T-Shirt and the rest of the shirts will be randomly drawn from those who completed only two challenges.

The more challenges you complete, the better your chance to earn one of the t-shirts.


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