Basserk: Bleeps, Beats & Bass Collectors Rewards

Basserk has landed at RCRDSHP and are coming in with rewards including a digital album and GEMs which are only available to the first 15 collectors.


Step 1

Reward #1: Bleeps, Beats & Bass 3 (RCRDSHP Edition) Album Card
How to earn: Hold all 15 release cards from the Bleeps, Beats & Bass 3 Set in your collection. The album card will be awarded on the 15th of each month until Jan 15.
See Step 3 for the full list of Release cards.

Step 2

FULLY REDEEMED - Reward No Longer Active
Reward #2: GEM Artifact Cards
What is it: There are 15 GEMs to collect with a mint count of 15 per GEM.
How to earn: GEMs will be airdropped to the holders of the first 15 cards of the corresponding track once the first 15 cards are sold.

Fine Print

For a collectible to be considered as “in your collection”, your collectibles cannot be listed for sale or shared as a gift when the timer runs out.


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