All Part of the Festival Experience - Mixing Challenge

RCRDSHP's first Mixing option available to users! Read your way through the All Part of the Festival Experience story found in Step 1, and continue navigating your way through sequential steps for your first shot at mixing successfully!


Step 1

Reflecting on the first day at the festival, it couldn’t have been any better. You had been itching to see your crew, and you were finally reunited! Not to mention you’ve set up the perfect camp and already watched a few of your favorite DJs throw down to start the weekend off right.
Exhausted, you peel your shoes off and crawl into your tent to lay down when it dawns on you: You gotta go. So much for that first wink of sleep you thought you were going to get. You carefully climb over snoring friends, quietly unzip the tent and head out into the abyss of darkness standing between you and… relief.
You arrive at your destination after walking what feels like a mile and open the door to the porta potty. Oh NO. You’re disgusted, but the situation is dire. You make do with what’s in front of you but realize you could’ve been far better prepared. You commit to never reliving this same experience again.
Using the new Mixing feature, what combo of collectibles will make for an adequate porta potty experience next time?

Step 2

Place the collectible in your hand that you think unlocks the Mixing Table. Once you have the correct collectible in-hand, the Mixing option will appear as a tab in your Collection.

Step 3

Choose 3 collectibles you think the description in Step 1 applies to and add them to your hand as well. Note, 3 collectibles are required for this mix, but that will not always be the case.

Step 4

Go to the Mixing Table and place the collectibles you think are combos in this mix from your hand onto the Mixing Table. Then check your mix.

Step 5

If you choose the right combos, congrats! You will receive the outcome collectible, the 3 collectibles you mixed will be burned, and one coin will be spent from your coin balance. Otherwise, the mix will fail, no collectibles will be burned, and no coins will be spent. Time to try again.
P.S. - As this is our first run of mixing, note we are working through possible accidents and are interested to hear your feedback.

Need Help?

Not sure how to move collectibles to your hand? Check out our tutorial!

Fine Print

The Reward

  • Those who mix the correct collectibles will be presented a corresponding outcome collectible
  • The collectible coin value will equal the sum of coin values of the collectibles required for mixing +1 coin spent in the process
  • Serial numbers will be distributed sequentially in order of successful outcomes
  • The outcome collectible will continue to be distributed following the challenge close, but the associated story will no longer appear on the challenges page

For more information about Mixing, check out our Medium Article

Do not repeat
In order