PLUR Gifting Challenge

Spread the love about RCRDSHP and reap rewards for yourself and your gift recipients! Everyone who participates in this challenge will be rewarded! The top three winners will win $1000 in RCRDSHP balance.


Step 1

Make sure your account is verified. To prevent abuse of the system, only verified players can gift.

Step 2

Mix* yourself a deluxe P.L.U.R. card to unlock unlimited** gifting! Once the Mixer is enabled in your account, you’ll need to add the following four common cards from the Jakob Haglof collection to it: Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. Once you own these cards, the easiest place to add them to the mixing table is on the Jakob Haglof set page.

The mixing operation will cost 1 coin and result in a deluxe 12-coin P.L.U.R. card. Put that new P.L.U.R. card in your hand to enable unlimited gifting.

* The mixing feature is available by adding one of the DJ Mixers to your hand.

** P.L.U.R. card is not required, but if you don’t have it then you can only gift once per day.

Step 3

Start sending items from your collection that you don’t mind giving away as gifts to friends and family that do not have a RCRDSHP account yet. You do this by going to any collectible in your collection that you would like to gift and clicking the “send as gift” button. A new button titled “Share my secret gift code” will appear. Click it to reveal a link that you can share with your intended gift recipient by text message or email.

Step 4

Make sure the gift recipient verifies their account. To complete verification, they’ll need to click the the profile drop down menu, then click edit profile, then click the Verification tab on the left to begin the process. Once their verification at RCRDSHP is complete we will airdrop them a Starter Pack!

Fine Print

To send a gift you must be verified via KYC on RCRDSHP. To score a point for you on the challenge leaderboard, your gift recipient must also verify their account. In case it’s not obvious, this rule is to prevent cheating.

For help with verification check out this Knowledge Base article.

Newly verified accounts will automatically be gifted a free Starter Pack on your behalf.


Every player whose gift results in at least one new verified account will win a participation reward according to the following scale. The more unified we work together, the better the prize!

Less than 150 new verified players: $5 credit and 5 coins
150+ new users: $15 credit and 15 coins
250+ new users: $25 credit and 25 coins
500+ new users: $50 credit and 50 coins

Grand Prize Reward:
The three players to get the most new players to sign up and verify their account will win $1000 in RCRDSHP marketplace credit! In the event of ties, lowest P.L.U.R. card serial number held will be used as the tie breaker.


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