Kaiser Souzai - 'Wild Side' Remix Contest

Get your remix released by Kaiser Souzai on Ballroom Records on RCRDSHP and streaming platforms!


Step 1

To enter, users must own the Wild Side 2021 card on RCRDSHP. The remix stems for the track are included with the card. You must use at least one of the Wild Side 2021 Remix stems in your remix.

Step 2

Once you have finished your remix, submit it to us on the LabelRadar remix competition page. The deadline for all remixes is Sunday April 3 at 11:59 PM PST!

Step 3

The Winner(s) will be announced during a live stream on the RCRDSHP Twitch account live with Kaiser Souzai on Friday, April 8 . Be sure to tune in as there will also be the opportunity for a viewers choice winner.

Fine Print

Grand Prize:
Ballroom Records will listen to all entries and decide on the top picks. Kaiser Souzai will review these on the RCRDSHP live stream on April 8th. One Grand Prize Remix winner will be chosen live and win the following.

A release with Ballroom Records of the full remix on RCRDSHP in a collectible that highlights their track and the winner as an artist. This card will be released in an upcoming RCRDSHP pack drop.

A release with Ballroom Records of the abbreviated Radio Edit version to be distributed through standard outlets like Spotify, Apple Music, Beatport,etc.

Runner-up Prize (Viewer’s Choice):
The runner up will be chosen by the live audience when Kaiser Souzai reviews the top entries. A vote will be held for the audience to choose a favorite aside from the Grand-prize winner. The Runner-up winner will receive the following.

A release with Ballroom Records of the full remix on RCRDSHP to be featured in the collectible alongside the Grand Prize winner. This card will be released in an upcoming pack drop.

Check out the full terms and conditions here


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