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Safety First (Bassically NFTeaser Remix)

KEY ERA ◦ Iboga Records

Taken from the debut album, KEY ERA presents Bassically’s remix of 'Safety First', as a free digital collectible. Featuring exclusive music and an accompanying video, as well as a video from KEY ERA's creator, Danielle Huggins, who talks about what to expect from the upcoming pack drops.

This digital collectible is a look through the keyhole into an analog dreamworld. Multi-Platinum London-based producer and KEY ERA's co-producer Bassically’s re-interpretation of 'Safety First', firmly plants his signature underground danceability into this avant-garden of tripped-out beat structures, for a brightly complex chuggerknot, which feels like swirling around some kind of astral-Berghein of yesteryear.

This collectible features one of 21 known designs in the THE PSYCHANGELIC SET set created by Iboga Records.

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One of 2,150 common cards minted of this release edition.
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