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  • 15 internal card faces
  • 3 exclusive videos
  • 4 downloadable tracks
  • 24 minutes of music

Euphrouise EP

AVNDA, Henry Caster, JOHN CLARCQ, & Mike Sang ◦ Music Over Matter

‘Euphrouise EP’ sees Music Over Matter unearth four brilliant new trance talents. It includes 'Out Of Space' by John Clarcq, ‘Majestic’ by Henry Caster, ‘Unwavering’ by Mike Sang, and ‘Beyond The Light’ by AVNDA.

One of 43 known designs in the Music Over Matter set by Music Over Matter. Go see more from this set in the marketplace.

One of 150 common cards minted of this release edition.

Listed for sale 4 months ago for $2.00.

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