Frequency Music B2B Magic Records


Explore new music with Magic Records and Frequency Music. When trap and future bass peaked in popularity, both labels reigned as kings of their respective mountains. Now looking towards the future, the two labels are embracing The Next Format™ in music with a shared digital collectible drop exclusively available via RCRDSHP.

Frequency Music B2B Magic Records will include artist and release collectibles that showcase the high-quality music championed by both titular labels. Many in the latter category include not only full tracks but also instrumentals, acapellas, and alternate versions. This is in keeping with both brands’ commitment to empower the next generation of producers, and the stunning artwork featured on each collectible makes it a compelling audiovisual experience for more passive music fans as well.

Acquired 6 months ago
Contains 3 collectibles
Serial number: 306 out of 812

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