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ARTIST ◦ Instagiouz Records

Yo this is Sommerklänge. I'm a Dutch artist although my artist name is German. I like to make music around themes and lately web3 has been my main source of inspiration (most obvious titles in this line of work include: Cyber Community, Modern Intoxication, State Of The Art, The Ledger, etc.).
I love RCRDSHP and the RCRDSHP community 😍 I plan to release extended versions of my tracks (old and new) exclusively on RCRDSHP because I believe NFTs could be the new vinyl records and with vinyl dance records come extended 12-inch versions 😁

For now I've included a mixtape of my back catalog from 2020-2021 (non-Tribal Trap releases). Hope you enjoy!

This collectible features one of 2 known designs in the INSTAGIOUZ RECORDS GENESIS set created by Instagiouz Media.

Artist(s) associated with this collectible:

One of 20 debut cards that will ever be minted for this artist edition.
Mint Limit: 20
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