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Orbital Decay

Paul van Dyk ◦ Paul van Dyk

ORBITAL DECAY is part of Paul van Dyk’s OFF THE RECORD series and is the most exclusive release PvD has ever offered to his fans. It is only available to 100 lucky owners as limited-edition and YOU can be one of them.

ORBITAL DECAY is driven and dark, showcasing a deeper, more mysterious side of PvD’s sound spectrum. Dive into this melancholic, multidimensional, and dazzling musical masterpiece.

Hold this card in your collection by January 15th, 2023 to redeem the special 12" vinyl single that comes with this exclusive, limited-edition release. Each vinyl comes with a handwritten dedication/autograph from Paul himself.

Click here to find out how to redeem your vinyl

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One of 100 legendary cards that will ever be minted for this release edition.
Mint Limit: 100
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