Kaiser Souzai & Ballroom Records


Kaiser Souzai’s favorite aspect of techno is how it unites people from all walks of life on the dance floor. Given the tribalism around dance music genres, then, it’s no wonder he refuses to stick to a single style. At long last, he’s got a RCRDSHP drop on the way that’s big enough to capture the wide range of his creative musings through The Next Format™ in music.

The artist and release collectibles comprising Kaiser Souzai & Ballroom Records exhibit a delightful cross section of the house and techno spectrum. Music by the likes of Ben Teufel, Chicago Loop, RanchaTek, and the Ballroom boss himself is paired with exclusive video content and stunning visual designs. Kaiser Souzai and Ballroom Records have both already released collectibles through RCRDSHP, but March 1st will mark their first fully branded drop.

*Exciting side note, RCRDSHP fam: With this drop, Kaiser Souzai's 'Planets' set will be complete. Collect all the combined planets to be rewarded with the second planet from the sun: 'Venus'. With this final collectible, you will have all the planets of the solar system in your hands.

An account snapshot for this reward will be taken Friday, March 4th with the reward being airdropped by Monday, March 7th.

Acquired almost 2 years ago
Contains 4 collectibles
Serial number: 265 out of 810

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