RCRDSHP has features you won't find on any other platform.

A Global Audience of Real Music Fans

Our players are a diverse bunch of music fans from around the whole world, not "degenerate" NFT collectors. Players buy your collectibles using credit cards, not cryptocurrency wallets.

Curated Platform

Our most hardcore players get to judge which artists make it on RCRDSHP or not. You gotta be a real talent to thrive here, you can't buy your way to the top.

Advanced Functionality

RCRDSHP is the only platform that offers burning (for scarcity), mixing and crafting, online and physical-event redeemable features, plus an integrated secondary marketplace all in one place.

Community Integration

We have an active community that will support you if you're friendly and impress them. As you grow the array of collectibles available in your storefront, tie collector rewards to exclusive channel memberships on our Discord.
I'm an artist
I want to publish my own NFT card collectibles and sell them to my fans and collectors.
I represent artists
I represent my artists and want to help them transition to the Next Format (tm) of music.