Universe of Madness (Release Plus)


HQ Ascension is proud to welcome Mexico-based producer Emmy Skyer to the ranks! His energetic trancer “Universe of Madness” is all about the feels! Bubbling with life, The unique synth lead sets the stage for the plucky arpeggios in the breakdown. The irresistible combination is supported with clever industrial-sounding effects, a punchy off-beat bassline, and a dash of techy vox work! Hands will be in the air from start to finish.

Emmy’s Uplift rework of the original reminds us of a classic Paul Van Dyk vibe, opting for rolling bass and an ethereal feel. Ghostly pads fade in and out as the melody carries you to the beautiful and dreamy conclusion, an extra dimension added to the already vibrant and dynamic tune.

This collectible features one of 13 known designs in the HQ Ascension set created by HQ Recordings. Go see more from this set in the marketplace.

Artist(s) associated with this collectible:

One of 100 common cards minted of this release edition.
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  • 3 internal card faces
  • 2 exclusive videos
  • 2 downloadable tracks
  • 13 minutes of music
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