Marck D is back on RCRDSHP exclusively with another EP entitled ‘Borbon’. Consisting of 2 tracks, ‘Borbon’ and ‘Clubing’, Marck D implements his signature style yet again. Groove and hard hitting beats combined with a more natural South American flavour. After the big success of his last NFT on Unity Records, Marck D decided to put together another package for his fans exclusively at RCRDSHP. Do not miss this one for your collection!

This collectible features one of 8 known designs in the Voices In My Head set set by Unity Records. Go see more from this set in the marketplace.

One of 199 common cards minted of this release edition.
Locked Content
  • 2 internal card faces
  • 1 exclusive video
  • 2 downloadable tracks
  • 12 minutes of music
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