Exclusive Mix Tape Curated by HQ Recordings


Hard Trance record label, HQ Recordings, presents this free exclusive NFT mini mix from artist and co-founder, Ganesh.

Fans get an early preview of the upcoming music from HQ's weekly drops collected from each sub-label: main, Noir, and Ascension. Enjoying the audio with the included visualizer is recommended!

Not only is HQ releasing new music, but also enhanced artwork from the studio of Patricio Soler. This collectable is the first reveal of many pieces drawn up based on the aesthetic of the label.

This collectible features one of 2 known designs in the HQ Rewards set set by HQ Recordings. Go see more from this set in the marketplace.

One of 1,675 common cards minted of this release edition.
Locked Content
  • 4 internal card faces
  • 1 exclusive video
  • 1 downloadable track
  • 11 minutes of music
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