Federation 'F'

Federation 'F'

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Oneiric Psy-Punks FEDERATION, comprising singer Ben Lost, guitarist Dave Veraven & producer Richard Mowatt drop their debut long player F, with the trio forging a unique sound that draws on 80's goth, spider-web post punk, and thumping late 90’s Trance.

As a congealed populace sinks into new vistas of digital reality, F explores the desire to both exalt and transcend the analogue flesh, with alchemical themes of death, sex, rot and rebirth, found in each branch of F's cosmic nervous system.

The deluxe limited-edition version of 'F' lands this July 8th at 8pm BST / 3pm EST / 12pm PST exclusively via RCRDSHP and includes bonus tracks, album commentary, artwork & visuals, plus rare rewards and fan experiences.


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