Fragma - Toca (Damae Edition)

Fragma - Toca (Damae Edition)

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About the Pack

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the classic 'Toca' album by Fragma will be released as a deluxe limited-edition 'Digital Collectible' version, exclusively on RCRDSHP. With only 100 copies available, this very exclusive album will drop in 3 'Edition Packs' named after the three members of Fragma: the Damae Edition, the Ramon Zenker Edition & the Duderstadt Edition. Each Edition Pack contains 5 collectibles with unreleased, exclusive versions & remixes of the album tracks, plus an artist card for one of the Fragma members.


Each pack unlocks a free reward collectible with behind the scene footage from Fragma. Players collecting all 3 edition packs will automatically enter into a raffle to win one of the 20 signed vinyls of this classic album. Click here for full details

Free NFT & Exclusive Pre-Sale Access

Get exclusive pre-sale access to the 'Fragma - Toca' album drops by claiming your first Fragma collectible, the worldwide no.1 hit 'Toca's Miracle' for free! Get yours here

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What's in the pack? The Damae Edition

Drop Date: November 24th, 12pm GMT
Pre-sale starts: November 11th, 12pm GMT (restricted to 3 packs)
Mint count: 100

Cards in pack:
Damae (Artist Card)
Fragma - Reach Out (Release Card)
Fragma - Take My Hand (Release Card
Fragma - Do You Really Want To Feel It? (Release Card)
Fragma - You Are Alive (Release Card)


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