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Iboga Records has previously minted plenty of RCRDSHP collectibles, but this upcoming drop will be our first that’s fully dedicated to the label. They’re using the opportunity to not only highlight music by psytrance stalwarts like Liquid Soul and Captain Hook, but to bring artists from other genres like Be Svendsen and John Monkman into the fold. Each collectible pairs music and other exclusive content with stunning artwork that offers fans a brand-new experience of the label’s discography.


A select few packs in this drop will contain a rare label card. It’s even possible for a lucky player to buy a pack containing all three! Ten rare cards apiece will be minted for IbogaTech, 3000Grad, and Sofa Beats - thirty in total. Each card will grant its holder guest list to an Iboga event of their choosing.


Diehard supporters of the label can also participate in challenges to win exciting rewards and exclusive collectible airdrops. Additional details will be announced very soon, so stay tuned!


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