Lab4 & Nick The Kid (ft. Laura Jenkins) - Break Your Silence

Lab4 & Nick The Kid (ft. Laura Jenkins) - Break Your Silence

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From May 16-20, Hard Trance Europe are releasing one NFT each day showcasing music from the HTE family. Each of these rare track collectibles includes music that goes hard and doesn’t let up.

Lab4 and Nick The Kid each stepped away from their respective sound to collaborate with singer-songwriter Laura Jenkins on ‘Break Your Silence’. Enjoy the fruits of their labor in this limited-edition rare track collectible, the fifth and final installment of Hard Trance Europe’s series.

It doesn’t stop there. All holders of this rare track will be airdropped an exclusive mix by Lab4 and Nick The Kid and receive a personalized video message (via email) at a later time. Holders can also sign up for a chance to win tickets for yourself and a friend to Hard Trance Europe Weekender in Torquay, U.K.! Full details here:

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