Strange Fruits: Creative Universe

Strange Fruits: Creative Universe

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It’s time to explore the Strange Fruits Creative Universe once again! That’s right: one of RCRDSHP’s best-selling creators is back with a drop of their very own. Be one of the first to grab these collectible NFTs crammed with new music and rare artwork.

Strange Fruits Music is one of the world’s largest independent streaming record labels, with a Discord of over 100K fans and quickly growing. Members proudly consider themselves part of the “Melon Army”, led proudly by Melon, the Strange Fruits Music mascot.

The Melon Army spreads positivity through EDM covers and mashups of popular electronic music tracks. RCRDSHP collectors can expect a wide variety of tracks in this upcoming drop, including a slap house cover of ‘The Rhythm of the Night’ and Eiffel 65’s iconic ‘Blue (Da Be Dee)’.

This drop includes two rare cards: One for Strange Fruits Music, and other for label boss Steve Void. If you’re lucky you’ll get a pack that includes one—if you’re very lucky, you’ll score a pack with both!

If you’re new to the NFT world, Strange Fruits Music wants to give you a free collectible to get you started. As with all RCRDSHP collectibles, this ‘Hello’ card pairs high-quality music with fun artwork. Get yours here:

Included in this drop are pairs of release cards that RCRDSHP players can combine through mixing to yield deluxe mashup collectibles. For example, the release cards for the covers of ‘The Rhythm of the Night’ by Corona and ‘Billionaire’ by Bruno Mars can be mixed into a release card for a mashup titled ‘The Rhythm Billionaire’. It’s possible to mix three different mashup cards in this drop. Think you can find all of them?


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