RCRDSHP is a curated digital collectibles platform, built by and for the electronic music industry, and validated by technologies like the blockchain and non-fungible tokens. Most other platforms are based on auctions or fixed-price sales, but RCRDSHP surprises and delights by curating and dropping digital 'packs' of amazing content. RCRDSHP packs contain music tracks, mixtapes, video clips, static visuals, and many more multimedia collectible goodies from the top brands in the industry.
Our 'creators' are established and upcoming DJs, producers, labels, festivals organizers, clubs, event promoters, visual artists, and other denizens of the dance music world. We offer creators a platform to offer their unique creations as exclusive, limited edition digital assets. Our partnership with the Flow blockchain keeps things green and ensures clear records of ownership. Creators earn the lions share of their creations when you buy a pack, and additionally earn a long tail of generous commissions repeating every time their creation is bought and sold between users in our marketplace.
Our founding team is full of DJs, producers, agents, artist managers, legendary technologists, tenured electronic music executives, and serial entrepreneurs with deep experience developing scalable products. Our extensive board of advisors is a veritable who's who of crypto and music experts, many with successful startup exits under their rearview mirrors.
RCRDSHP creates brand new, long-lived, and well-aligned revenue streams for everyone involved in creating fan experiences. The cross-genre nature of our collectible packs encourage fans to expand their musical taste and discover new experiences. The financial dynamics of the marketplace provide rewards for hyping fan's favorite new artists to their friends and on social media.
We believe that resurrecting scarcity will be the next revolutionary wave after the commodification caused by the rise of music download services and then streaming. Record labels, artists, and other creators will reap rewards by re-releasing back catalogs and content in this exciting new limited-edition format. Listeners will reorient their music consumption habits around communities led by DJs and professional curators, instead of stale playlists from Digital Service Providers (DSPs).

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