About Us

RCRDSHP is a digital collectibles platform designed specifically for the electronic music industry. Unlike other platforms that rely on auctions or fixed-price sales, RCRDSHP offers a unique experience by curating and releasing digital 'packs' filled with exclusive content. These packs feature music tracks, mixtapes, video clips, visuals, and other multimedia collectibles from top industry brands.

Our creators include well-known and emerging DJs, producers, labels, festival organizers, clubs, event promoters, and visual artists. We provide a platform for these creators to offer their work as exclusive, limited edition digital assets. When you purchase a pack, the majority of the proceeds go directly to the creators, who also benefit from a revenue-sharing model in our marketplace.

The diverse content in our collectible packs encourages fans to explore different genres and discover new experiences. The marketplace dynamics offer incentives for fans to promote their favorite new artists to friends and on social media.

We believe the next big shift in the music industry will come from reintroducing the concept of scarcity. This will follow the commodification brought about by music download services and streaming platforms. Record labels, artists, and other creators will benefit from re-releasing content in this new limited-edition format. This will encourage listeners to engage more with communities led by DJs and professional curators, rather than relying on generic playlists.

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