Welcome to the Analog Dreamworld of KEY ERA. This pioneering remix collaboration with support from Sofa Beats/IbogaTech flips every script, flying forward as it dips back into the alltimeless psychangelic realm of music medicine.

21 known collectible designs (aka editions) in set
Sequence Type Name Rarity Edition Size
1 release KEY ERA Mega Mix (DJ Descroix) Common 17
2 artist KEY ERA Common 25
3 release Wingspan of Time Meditation Common 17
4 release PSYCHANGELIC (Original Album) Common 17
5 release Grand Design (Tribu Oro Remixes) Common 50
6 release Breaking Through (Waay Pop Remixes) Common 50
7 release Epilogue (Thommie G Dub Remix) Common 100
8 release Grand Design (DeloH Remixes) Common 50
9 release TRIanotherANGLE (Merlyn Silva Dub Remix) Common 100
10 release TRIanotherANGLE (Noosfære Vocal Remix) Common 100
11 release Dream On (Holed Coin Vocal Remix) Common 100
12 artist Electric Archaic Common 25
13 release TRIanotherANGLE (While True Vocal Remix) Common 100
14 release Epilogue (MVMB Dub Remix) Common 100
15 release Safety First (Bassically NFTeaser Remix) Common 2150
16 release Loves Lost Belongings (Angebot Vocal Remix) Common 100
17 release Breaking Through (Sadhu Sensi Dub Remix) Common 100
18 release Today (Holtoug Vocal Remix) Common 100
19 release Loves Lost Belongings (Living Light Dub Remix) Common 100
20 release Wingspan of Time (Deisen Dub Remix) Common 100
21 release Today (DM-Theory Dub Remix) Common 100
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