Challenge 3 of the Music Over Matter challenge series. Showcase the right cards on your profile to earn an exclusive Sabretooth artist card. Complete challenges and earn airdrops over the next few weeks for your chance to win the grand prize - a legendary Obie Fernandez card.


Step 1
Step 2

That’s it! Hold these cards in your showcase until the timer runs out and your reward is delivered.

Fine Print

Complete this challenge to earn the Sabretooth artist card.

For this challenge serials will distributed (low to high) based on how close in serial your the two qualifying cards you hold are. The closer the better.

For ties the serial of your [Have a Nice Trip](( card will be used if you have one.

Completing this challenge gives you one entry towards winning the Grand Prize random drawing for the legendary Obie Fernandez card.

Keep an eye out for the next series of Music Over Matter challenges starting next week on April 7th for more great rewards and to increase your chances of winning the Grand Prize.


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