The Berlin Challenge: Part I

Earn a rare Berlin card and begin to receive monthly in-real-life benefits in early 2022, and qualify for The Berlin Challenge: Part II to be announced on or around November 20th and feature an in-real-life grand prize, plus rare airdrop for runner-up winners.


Step 1

Must equip and keep ALL 4 Cards in your hand before the timer runs out!

Step 2

The required cards in your hand must be: Tube & Berger Artist card from the Germania pack. Any other Artist card ever dropped; any other Release Card ever dropped; and any Artifact Card ever dropped.

Step 3

Use the lowest serial numbers possible! Berlin card will be minted and airdropped to winners in order of lowest sum of challenge card serial numbers (eg. whoever submits challenge cards with the lowest sum of serial numbers will get awarded the #1 rare Berlin Card.) Also in play, the user with the highest serial number sum of required cards will receive the 1000/1000 Berlin Reward serial number. (Perfect serial number)

Step 4
Step 5
Step 6

You MUST hold the cards in your hand until at most two hours after the timer runs out to make sure we can finalize account snapshots and verify the winners have followed the rules correctly.

Step 7

We will make an Announcement when all Rewards have been distributed via airdrop to accounts.

Need Help?

To participate in the challenge you must put 4 cards in your hand by dragging them down to the glowing waffle in the bottom-right corner of your collection page.

  • Slot 1: Tube & Berger Artist Card from the Germania pack
  • Slot 2: Any other Artist Card
  • Slot 3: Any other Release Card
  • Slot 4: Any other Artifact Card

The cards can be placed in your hand in any order. Give preference to lower serial numbers to get a lower serial number prize. The type of each card can be found on its show page and also via the analytics page on RCRDSHP.

Fine Print

  • Only 1 reward can be won per person
  • The reward is an exclusive rare Berlin collectible, with serial number determined by the sum of the serial numbers in your challenge submission.
  • The Berlin card will have a 100 coin face value
  • The Berlin card is the first design in a brand new rare set titled Dance Music Capitals
  • 1000 Berlin cards will be minted, but the amount distributed will match the number of players who complete the challenge before the deadline.
  • The Berlin card will have perpetual in-real-life utility starting in 2022
  • The Berlin card is a significant component of future challenges, including Part II of this challenge.
Do not repeat
In order