HQ Recordings Collection Rewards



Step 1

Reward #1: Exclusive HQ mix from Nik Wel

How to earn: Hold any 3 release cards from the releases in Step 3 below in your collection when the timer runs out.

Step 2

Reward #2: HQ Recordings Merch Package (valued at $100)
- Merch package includes:
- Autographed HQ New Era hats (signed by Ganesh and RJ)
- HQ tote bag
- Embroidered pull tag
- Lanyard
- Silicone wristbands

How to earn: Hold all 20 cards from the releases in Step 3 below in your collection when the timer runs out.

Step 3

Visit the HQ Recordings Storefront to collect the Cards:

August 30 Release: HQ Recordings
- Drawstring Bag Merch Card
- Dizmaster Artist Card
- Jay Turio Artist Card
- Dizmaster - ‘The Hunted’ Release Card
- Jay Turio - ‘Nuclear’ Release Plus Card

September 9 Release: HQ Noir
- HQN Beanie Merch Card
- Alan Sharkey Artist Card
- Nik Wel - ‘Venera 7’ Release Plus Card
- Nik Wel - ‘The Right Stuff’ Release Plus Card
- Nik Wel - ‘Quorra’ Release Plus Card

September 13 Release: HQ Ascension Launch
- HQ Ascension Label Card
- Craig Jones Artist Card
- Paul Denton Artist Card
- Craig Jones - ‘Bioluminescence’ Release Plus Card
- Laura May - ‘Smile’ Release Card

September 20 Release: HQ Noir/HQ Ascension
- HQN Hoodie Merch Card Merch Card
- Felix R Artist Card
- Dee Conaghan Artist Card
- Felix R - ‘Raised by Wolves’ Release Card
- Dee Conaghan - ‘The Experiment’ Release Card

Fine Print

For a collectible to be considered as “in your collection”, your collectibles cannot be listed for sale or shared as a gift when the timer runs out.

HQ Recordings is responsible for delivery of non-NFT rewards. By participating in this challenge, you agree that your email address will be shared with the artist for reward distribution.


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