Aseity - The Gemini Project (Origins) Challenge

In March 2022, Chad Belbey aka Aseity's 'The Gemini Project - Origins' album was released. Tragically, Chad passed away in April. This NFT-version of the album includes exclusive 13 tunes and video content (plus the original 9 tracks from the album) and will be exclusively released via RCRDSHP during the Gemini Zodiac period as homage to Aseity.


Step 1

Hold all 9 Release Cards from Aseity - The Gemini Projects (Origins) set in your collection when the timer runs out.
NB: The Aseity Artist Card is not part of the challenge.

Step 2

Fine Print

You must hold all the release cards in your collection when the timer runs out to receive the Merch card.

The Reward
By completing the challenge, RCRDSHP will airdrop a Liquid Sky NYC Merch card one week after the challenge ends (week of July 6th).

Additionally, you will be emailed a 100% discount code with a link to the exclusive t-shirt design in the Liquid Sky NYC Shop.

Liquid Sky NYC are responsible for delivery of rewards. By participating in this challenge, you agree that your email address will be shared with the label for reward distribution.


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