Todd Terry Challenge

Complete this "House Themed" challenge to earn yourself a Rare Reward from House music legend Todd Terry!


Step 1

Collect all 6 unique Todd Terry collectibles from the What the House? pack drop.

Step 2

Hold on to all 6 required collectibles when the timer runs out to receive the Reward!

Step 3

When the timer runs out at 10:00 a.m. PST on Friday November 5th a screenshot will be taken of your account to verify if you are holding ALL 6 required collectibles.

Step 4

We will make an announcement when all Rewards have been distributed via airdrop to accounts.

Fine Print

  • Only 1 Reward can be won per user.
  • The Reward card will have 100 coin value.
  • The Reward card will be a Rare card.
  • The Reward card will be a part of the Todd Terry Set.
  • The number of Rewards minted will match those who completed the challenge before the deadline.
  • This Reward is an Exclusive Todd Terry.
  • After the challenge timer expires, we will announce when have distributed all rewards.
  • At this point, please check your collections page to view your 1st ever RCRDSHP Challenge Reward!


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