Extended: Ferry Corsten: Artist Showcase Challenge

Extended due to Flow Spork (maintenance)!! Now is your chance to get a guestlist pass to Ferry Corsten's What the F show! If the What The F show isn’t in your city you get a zoom meet & greet with Ferry to listen through the Pack.


Step 1

Collect cards from packs or from the marketplace.
Cards will become available in the marketplace once the drop sells out or 24 hours after the drop.

Step 2

To add a card to your showcase, long-press down on the card and you will see a menu pop up that says “Add to Showcase.”

Step 3
Step 4

Fine Print

  • Rewards are non-transferrable.
  • Guestlist means General Entry to show.
  • Shows limited to 2022 What the F! tour.
  • Player must request for a Guestlist pass a minimum 3 weeks before the show.
  • Guestlist pass subject to availability and limited to 10 per show.

The Rewards
Guestlist Passes to Shows (10 per show available)
- By completing the opt-in form and showcasing an Artist collectible when the timer runs out, you'll be entered to win a guest list pass to a show of your choosing.

Virtual Listening Party
- By showcasing an Artist collectible when the timer runs out, you will be entered to win one of 40 spots in a private virtual listening party with Ferry Corsten. Together, you'll listen to the content from the Pack and get insights from Ferry.

Ferry Corsten is responsible for delivery of rewards. By participating in this challenge, you agree that your email address will be shared with the artist for reward distribution.


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