What is RCRDSHP?

RCRDSHP (pronounced “record shop”) is a curated digital collectibles platform, built by and for the electronic music industry, and validated by technologies like the blockchain and non-fungible tokens. Most other platforms are based on auctions or fixed-price sales, but RCRDSHP surprises and delights by curating and dropping digital 'packs' of amazing content. RCRDSHP packs contain music tracks, mixtapes, video clips, static visuals, and many more multimedia collectible goodies from the top brands in the industry.

What is the next digital music revolution?

RCRDSHP is building robust new solutions designed to address and improve existing music distribution systems' many weaknesses and perverse incentives and realign them in favor of working musicians and passionate fans by cleverly applying game mechanics and new blockchain technologies. As our first step, we are establishing a global platform for trading music and music-related digital collectibles.

How can an artist or label join RCRDSHP?

RCRDSHP is currently invite-only, but we are planning to open up applications soon! To get notified when we open applications, please fill out this form so we can contact you when we open up applications.

What will RCRDSHP collectible transactions mean for Mother Earth?

RCRDSHP cares deeply about the environment. We approach environmental concerns with the same creativity and innovation that's inspired RCRDSHP itself, in collaboration with artists, labels, events, and other partners. We have selected best-in-class technology to create our collectibles. The minting process we use relies on highly energy efficient proof of stake technology, which has a small fraction of the environmental impact of proof of work blockchains. We are excited to work with the electronic music community to create innovative ways of raising awareness and taking action to address climate change and other environmental issues. We are optimistic that together, we can imagine and launch initiatives, packs, and projects to address the challenges that matter to our community.

How can I collect my proceeds from the sale of my collectible(s) that I sold to another user?

Withdrawals are now here! To initiate a withdrawal simply go to your Account Balance screen and follow the directions needed to complete your request. For a full walkthrough, you can follow the step-by-step article here. For answers to frequently asked withdrawal questions you can check out the Knowledge Base article here.

What do I need to withdraw my balance?

You need to pass our KYC. Please head over to the verification section in your profile and follow the instructions.

But can I use my balance to buy on the marketplace?

Yes! You can use your balance to purchase drops and to make purchases on the secondary market. You can fill your balance by selling items, using a credit card top-off, or buying a balance with crypto.

I just bought a pack and wanted to sell it (or the cards inside). However, I'm not able to list them on the marketplace. Why?

The marketplace for items in a pack is closed 24 hours after the pack drop or when the pack sells out, whichever comes first.

Can RCRDSHP staff buy and sell on RCRDSHP?

The RCRDSHP team has a policy that states we may NOT buy and sell packs on the Marketplace. We also may not sell collectibles on the Marketplace. Staff may make purchases from either drops or the Marketplace. We feel that integrity is a huge priority and we do not want to break trust from our incredible community!

How is a card limited when it's not blockchain-confirmed?

It takes a little time—usually just a few minutes—for the ownership status of a card to be written to the blockchain. Until this happens, cards can be looked at and played, but they cannot change ownership or be transformed by burning or mixing.

The 24-hour period has passed, but I still can't list my collectibles. What's going on?

In some rare cases (e.g., after a massive influx of users), communication with the blockchain can get out of sync, causing this issue. Our engineering team is working hard to eliminate this problem, so it shouldn't happen in the future. Until then, don't hesitate to contact support - they will be happy to fix this for you!

Still have questions?

Join us in the Discord. We have staff and an awesome community there to support and help out.