Blind Infinity / Everything


Pavel Khvaleev makes music that paints a canvas when you close your eyes. ‘Blind Infinity’ and ‘Everything (Höhnflug Remix)’ are two RCRDSHP exclusives featuring Khvaleev’s swirling pads, hypnotic synth waves, and plucked melodies for a journey into the depths.

This collectible features one of 7 known designs in the Black Hole Recordings set set created by Black Hole Recordings. Go see more from this set in the marketplace. Artist(s) associated with this collectible: Pavel Khvaleev, Olga Wojciechowska, Höhnflug, and Avis Vox

One of 400 common cards minted of this release edition.
Locked Content
  • 1 internal card face
  • 2 downloadable tracks
  • 11 minutes of music
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