AVA Recordings: 15 Years of Dance Music

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Fifteen years have passed since Andy Moor launched AVA Recordings as an outlet to release “melodic music for the people”. The label is now embarking on an exciting journey into the NFT space, and they’re giving their fans good reasons to come along for the ride.

AVA Recordings: 15 Years of Dance Music boasts a wealth of unheard tracks for diehard fans of the label. Every release collectible in this drop features RCRDSHP-exclusive music (except for Crowd+Ctrl’s remix of ‘Brave’ by Somna, a RCRDSHP debut that will later appear on other DSPs). Accompanying them are artist collectibles that tell the exciting stories of DJ/producers like Rinaly, Sam Laxton, and LTN, as well as moment collectibles with exclusive footage.


Andy Moor and Somna (who now share ownership of AVA Recordings) will each have their own rare artist collectible that includes an exclusive DJ mix as part of this drop.


AVA Recordings is the first to try out a new onboarding tool: free NFTs with content that appeals to their fans. These cards are intended to show new fans what to expect when they acquire a RCRDSHP digital collectible.

Those who enjoy watching Somna’s Twitch performances can receive one of 100 ‘Somna Shark’ cards which will include a moment collectible of Somna getting his dance on in the shark costume. Find out how to get it by attending his next Twitch live stream.

Other AVA fans can claim one of 500 ‘AVA Family’ cards, each of which includes four tracks that offer a taste of AVA Recordings’ different sublabels. These collectibles will have low coin values and are not tradable. Existing players are welcome to collect these free NFTs. Get yours here: https://app.rcrdshp.com/campaigns/ava


Obtaining all label cards in the drop will give a player one entry into the challenge. Obtaining all release cards will give them two entries, and obtaining all artist cards will give them three.

The grand prize winner of this drawing will get dinner and VIP entry to a Somna show of their choice along with $150 in AVA Recordings gift store credit and a one-year subscription to the label’s promo list.

The runner-up prize is a Skype dinner with Somna (who will pay for food to be delivered to you) along with $75 in AVA Recordings gift store credit and a one-year subscription to the label’s promo list.

There are challenges geared towards producers as well. Holders of the release+ card for ‘Mayday’ by Memory Loss can enter a remix contest through Label Radar for a chance to be released on AVA. Holders of the Obie Fernandez artist card that contains ‘Big Speakers’ will get to enter a remix contest whose details have yet to be announced.


You don’t want to miss this party! Join us on RCRDSHP’s Twitch fifteen minutes before the drop to meet Somna, check out some of the content from the drop, and find out about pack giveaways. Then, we’ll head over to his channel for a full DJ Set and party on a Friday night.

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