Mason Presents The Herd Part II

Mason Presents The Herd Part II

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About the Pack

Time and again, Mason’s fun and quirky approach to dance music has put him ahead of the curve. His newest way of breaking the mold is with an NFT collectible drop of his own in partnership with RCRDSHP. Mason Presents The Herd Part II lands on April 26, and it tells a story unlike anything you’ve seen.

“The Herd” is a motley crew of “critters”, whimsical yet highly dangerous characters that have appeared in Mason’s album artwork and music videos for over eight years. They have escaped and are now running around on the loose. Exciting rewards lie in store for collectors with the savvy to wrangle them.

Each critter card in this drop includes artwork by multidisciplinary studio collective 310k paired with totally original music by Mason himself. The first installment sold out almost immediately after going on sale last year. This drop closes out the set, and to make it even more exciting Mason will airdrop bonus cards to players who collect certain combinations of critters.

Rare Cards:
This drop includes a rare ‘Mason Exclusive Membership’ golden ticket. This collectible will grant its holder access to future Mason raffles, guest lists, and exclusive live streams. It also gives them the chance to win a real life-art print of a critter.

Free NFT:
New to the NFT world? Not to worry! Mason wants to make it as easy as possible for you to get in and see what all the fuss is about. Get your free ‘Mason Presents The Herd’ collectible to learn more about his drop right here:

New “Character” Card Type:
Mason’s critters quickly became early favorites on the RCRDSHP platform. With this drop you will notice that the critters have a new card type, “Character”, which is standardized as a five-coin collectible.

You may be wondering what happens to your critters from the Mason Genesis set. Your old critters will automatically be updated to character collectibles before the ‘Part II’ drop.

Coin Upgrade:
You’ll also notice that the third slot of this pack includes a ‘Coin Upgrader’ card. We’re including this at no cost to you so you can increase the coin value of your two-coin Mason Genesis critters to five coins on the characters using the ‘DJ Mixer’.

To upgrade the coins:
Enable the 'DJ Mixer‘ by putting it in your hand or by burning it to your profile.

Put all the ‘Genesis’ critters you want to upgrade in the mixer along with a ‘Coin Upgrader’ card.

Long-press a card in your collection to send it to the mixer.

Click Mix! The mix will not cost you a coin and will re-render the collectible to five coins.

Some things to note:
The ‘Coin Upgrader’ collectible will burn when you upgrade your Mason Genesis critters, so upgrade wisely.

If you have massed a critter, the coin value will increase as if you had massed it when it was five coins (e.g. if you massed two separate two-coin critters to make one four-coin critter; the upgrader will increase your upgraded critter to ten coins).

If you upgrade (or mass, for that matter) a “glitch critter”, when the card face is re-rendered, it will no longer be glitched.

If you don’t know what a “glitch critter” is, you can check out one of Redbird’s glitched Nit characters - you’ll see how the card face looks… well, glitchy. We lovingly refer to these types of cards as “glitches.”

It’s all in the family! Grab your lighter and a mixer to create critter family collectibles. There are six families total, each with a different recipe. Most families are a duo, but some are a trio. One recipe will be given out so you can start on your first family, but the RCRDSHP community will need to discover the others!

The big boss of The Herd is a critter called ‘Bada Bing’ and this collectible will only be available to players who collect big.

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