Unity Records: Back to the Roots

Unity Records: Back to the Roots

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About the Pack

Back to the Roots represents exactly what Unity Records stands for. This drop focuses on everything the label's fans love the most: Filthy drums and techno grooves!

The theme of this pack will take the collector back to the beginning of Unity Records' journey, focusing on its core sound signature. This hard, driven techno sound with a touch of ethnic influence and percussive tribal grooves has been championed by artists like D-Unity, Atroxx, Marck D, and Juli Aristy.

This is a drop not to be missed for the lovers of peak-time grooves. Grab a pack, listen, and collect all the other creators' collectibles. Own a piece of The Next Format™ in music only at RCRDSHP!

*Exciting side note, RCRDSHP fam: We’ve officially closed Unity Genesis, our first set of collectibles from world-renowned techno label Unity Records. Those of you who hold the complete set will soon be rewarded with a piece of RCRDSHP-exclusive music by D-Unity that embodies the label’s celebrated fusion of techno and tribal house.

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